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Six of the Best Joint Rolling Papers to Check Out in 2022

There’s no question that rolling the perfect joint is an art form. In addition to honing your craft, you can also elevate your experience with the right rolling papers. These are our picks for the 6 best rolling papers in 2022.

Best Go-To Pick: Vibes Rolling Papers

Although they cost just $2 per pack, Vibes papers come with a serious pedigree. This product is a release by rapper and cannabis CEO Berner, who named his company Cookies after his infamous GSC strain. You can choose from ultra-thin, rice, or hemp varieties in standard or king size. Vibes papers have an outstanding grip and burn slowly and evenly with solid flavors that will have you reaching for this brand again and again.

Best Animal-Friendly Pick: Blazy Susans

Blazy Susans keeps it vegan with wood-pulp joint papers. They’re free from animal products and don’t contain GMOs. We also love these papers’ cute, pink packaging and durable construction.

Best Rice Rollers: Edie Parker Flower

If you like to roll your joints with rice paper, look no further than these luxe flower-printed picks (get it?) from Edie Parker Flower. These provide a colorful alternative to your normal blank rolling papers, and they also come in a super-sized version complete with a crutch to keep it neat. Edie Parker’s rice papers are printed with organic soy-based ink and come in a package of 40 for $10.

Best Flavor Varieties: Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay’s rolling papers come in an incredible 32 flavors so that you can match your smoke to your favorites. They come in a cool multipack so you can try them all, from blueberry and cherry to root beer, tequila, and honey. Ingredients such as hemp, soy ink, and sugar gum keep them all-natural.

Best Classic Rolling Papers

French-made Zig-Zag cigarette papers not only make awesome joints, but they’re also available in just about every 7-Eleven and gas station mini-mart from coast to coast. This brand has been around since 1879 and now offers its classic French Orange Rolling Papers, unbleached cones, organic hemp papers, and more.

Best Cone Rollers: Raw Cones

Don’t know how to roll? Try a cone to simplify the process. We recommend Raw Cones for the iconic brand’s durability, versatility, and a wide variety of sizes. In addition to the classic cone, these high-quality hemp papers even come in an ultra-thin variety.

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